Ron Jans: You could grow potatoes on Fortuna Sittard’s pitch

Ron Jans was pleased with FC Twente’s victory in the Eredivisie on Saturday, but he felt that not everything went well for his team, he told ESPN

Jans attributed part of this to the field in Limburg, which he said made it difficult to build up play.

“The last half hour, after the 0-1, yes. It was very difficult for that,” Jans said. “With a goal kick we started to build up on a field on which that is actually not possible. We used to say, ‘just play the ball long.’” 

“We had a lot of possession in the beginning, but the first chance was for them. We were sloppy, often lost the ball and that made them more dangerous than us. In the end, Cerny breaks open the game with an action and after that it went fast.”

Before the game, Jans had noted that teams visiting Fortuna often seem less good than normal. He attributed this partly to the field. 

“Well I live in the north of the country and we grow a lot of potatoes there, but that is also possible here in this field. There were a number of situations, also at Fortuna by the way, where the ball just flew over the sideline. It’s just hard to do well on this field.”

Jans did not want to put all the blame on the field, however. He noted that his team had also made some technical mistakes that had nothing to do with the field.

“In March it is still winter and then the fields are not ideal. Then you sometimes have to read a match better and not get yourself into trouble for your own goal,” he said.

Jans also expressed understanding for Fortuna coach Julio Velázquez’s fury after the match. 

“I also heard that the ball probably didn’t stop at a free kick, then we’ll get away well. I don”t think we got into trouble after the 0-1. This was the benefit of the doubt, but we have also had the benefit of the doubt. I see that a result is often linked to a moment. It”s not according to the rules, so I understand that people find this difficult.”

The win puts them 11 points off of the top of the Eredivisie and is there first in three successive league matches after suffering defeats to PSV Eindhoven and Go Ahead Eagles before a draw against Heerenveen. They play title challengers AZ Alkmaar next weekend.

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