We will stop all matches until Thierry Dailly returns as chairman: RWDM fans react to John Textor’s takeover as chairman

RWDM have reacted angrily to the removal of Thierry Dailly by the clubs main investor John Textor. The latter was responsible for saving the club in 2015, and was the one who invited the American to invest in the club. However, yesterday Textor released a letter to fans in which he accused Dailly of misappropriation of clubs funds and creating a toxic working environment. Despite the letter, the fans of the club have not accepted the move.

As reported by Voetbalkrant, fan groups have called for Dailly to be reinstalled and for Tetor to remain as just an investor, as before. One fan group said ‘We will stop all matches until Thierry Dailly returns as chairman. No match will last longer than 15 minutes’. In what should be a time of celebration for the club and its fans, having won promotion to the Belgian Pro League a few weeks ago, the club is looking increasingly chaotic from the outside.

RWDM are part of Textor’s multi-club group, which includes Botafogo, Crystal Palace and Lyon. Recently, the American made the same move to become chairman of Lyon. RWDM fans are keen that the American does not do as he wishes with their club. The fan group said ‘There are rules in Molenbeek and we are going to make it clear to John Textor that he is not doing what he wants at RWDM’.

Clearly, if the situation is not rectified before the start of the 2023/2024 campaign, the first game back in the top flight for RWDM could be short-lived, or certainly less joyous and more toxic than it should be.

GBeNeFN | Ben Jackson

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