Qatar paying for Netherlands fans to attend World Cup in return for social media praise

Qatar are paying for fifty Netherlands fans to go to the World Cup in return for praise from those fans on social media.

With the World Cup this year taking place in such a small and expensive nation, it has been notoriously difficult for fans to find ways to attend it in person.

The host nation are making it easier for 50 Dutch fans, paying for their flights and accommodation, but only if they get good PR back in return.

According to NOS, the supporters being paid for have had to sign a document agreeing to put social media posts up praising the nation and the tournament.

A number of fans rejected this offer, not wanting to praise a country that has been widely criticised for its treatment of migrant workers and LGBTQ people.

“We are fans of the Dutch national team, but not of this World Cup,” said Dutch supporter Paul Hirschel.

“The temptation to accept it was great. You get a free flight and accommodation and you can go to the opening match. But the fact that we had to sign a document with all kinds of obligations and restrictions was the last straw for us.

“To become a poster child for Qatar, we don’t want that.”

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