From bad to worse for Standard Liege as 777 owned club have no money in their account to pay wages until the end of the season

Sacha Tavolieri has revealed an extraordinary story that Standard Liege have no money in their account. The club, owned by 777 Partners, will be unable to pay wages until the end of the season. Yesterday there had been talks that the players would be paid Aprils wages on the 9th of May, but now it appears that they will have to wait until the end of May to get anything. The ramifications could be another transfer ban, their third of the season.

777 Partners, who have been interested in buying Everton, are under a lot of pressure in the United States over allegations of fraud. The group also own Genoa in Serie A, but the situation there does not appear to be as bleak as it is in Belgium. Fans will undoubtedly now put even more pressure on the group to sell to new ownership. One can only hope that the situation moves quickly now as the future of the club itself appears to be at stake.

GBeNeFN | Ben Jackson

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