Alfred Schreuder loses temper at press conference: ‘I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore’

Alfred Schreuder lost his temper during the press conference that took place after Ajax’s win over Excelsior, furious about what the media have been saying in recent weeks.

The Ajax manager has come under a lot of pressure in recent weeks with his team suffering a number of poor results including a 6-1 defeat to Napoli which followed a 1-1 draw at home to Go Ahead Eagles.

Another loss to the Italian side last week only sparked more criticism, with many hitting out at his transfers and his decision to play Mohammed Kudus ahead of Brian Brobbey.

In the press conference following his team’s 7-1 win over Excelsior, he brought up such criticism, mentioning reports that stated Brobbey was rotting on the bench and his agent was responsible for Ajax’s summer signings, losing his temper as he did so.

“If you’re a journalist, I think you should have facts,” he stated.

“He (Brobbey) knew in advance that he would be on the bench a few times, I explained this to him beforehand, what his role would be. I decide who plays, nobody else. If people think players decide, that’s their problem…

“Come up with facts, write about truths. My agent helped with bringing players to Ajax? That’s right. You know why? Because Overmars left. For every person within the club things became new. It’s completely normal that this happens… I’m done with it, I won’t shut up anymore.

“If people think I am a softie then they have never shared a dressing room with me, never.”

The Dutchman then said that he needs time to make things work and that if the club don’t want to give it to him, he’ll happily leave.

“The truth is that I cannot build a completely new team in three months,” he said.

“I do my best, but I have to be given time. If I don’t get that, it’s a shame. If they fire me for that (needing time), I don’t care. But I decide here at Ajax who plays and who doesn’t play.

“This team needs time. If people think it will happen in three months, forget it. Go and get your coaching diplomas and don’t preach nonsense on television, because you have no idea at all.”


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