After failing in bid for Everton, 777 Partners set to end involvement in football starting with Standard Liege

Sacha Tavolieri and others are reporting that 777 Partners are finally looking to sell Standard Liege. This comes as part of a wider commitment to ending their involvement in football, with the financial burden having been too much for them. Instead, they want to focus on other investments that have more potential for growth. They failed to acquire Everton and it remains to be seen what will happen to Genoa in Serie A.

This, for Standard at least, has been an inevitable ending to the current situation. After multiple transfer bans over unpaid wages and other payments, the fans have had enough of the American group and its clear they do not have what it takes to run the Liege based side. All sides will now be hoping that there will be a quick resolution to the situation that will allow the club to move forward next season, rather than have to wait too long and be playing catch up.

Tonight Standard will face Westerlo, although it appears unlikely that the match will be allowed to go ahead. Fan groups have already been rumoured to be planning to disrupt the game before it can begin, or at least not allow the final whistle to take place.

For Standard, the end of this terrible season on and off the pitch cannot come soon enough.

GBeNeFN | Ben Jackson

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