Standard Liege’s CEO resigns after losing faith in 777 Partners

Standard Liege’s CEO Pierre Locht handed in his letter of resignation last month and is currently serving his notice period. This news only came to light recently. Het Nieuwsblad are reporting that Locht has lost faith in owners 777 and the ‘hopelessness’ of the current situation at the club.

Locht was appointed as CEO by the group when they took over the club in 2022. He had spent many years at the club in a variety of roles and was seen as a crucial man in bridging the gap between the new owners and the clubs fans and staff. However, Locht has since had to defend the group on many occasions given that he is the only one making statements on their behalf. Given that, the last year has been so tumultuous it is unsurprising that even he has decided enough is enough.

Reports have suggested that, after failing to acquire Everton, 777 are looking to get out of the football industry. They are facing a legal battle in the United States which certainly contributed to that decision. For Standard, it will mark the end of a bizarre period in which they went backwards rather than forwards as promised. Hopefully new ownership will move the club in the right direction.

GBeNeFN | Ben Jackson

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