Heerenveen receive death threat amid legal dispute with mascot

Heerenveen have been sent a death threat after a court ruled that an employee they fired, one who played the club’s mascot, must be given his job back.

Hendrik Pasveer worked as club mascot Heero for 22 years before the club let him go during the pandemic. He felt he was unlawfully dismissed and ultimately took his employers to court.

That court sided with him and ruled that he must be given his job back. Since then, the club have now received a death threat relating to the matter.

At sc Heerenveen, a death threat came in today,” a statement reads.

“This is in response to the lawsuit between the club and an employee and the subsequent media attention. The case has been widely reported in the media and people within the club have been mentioned and damaged several times by name. The threat is an absolute low point in this annoying case for all parties involved.

“sc Heerenveen consciously chooses to bring this out, because the club wants to make it known that a line has now been crossed. In recent weeks, this case has been reported in an almost jolly manner, with the club feeling that the image has unfortunately become seriously clouded. The safety of all our employees is paramount. This threat was immediately reported to the police.

“As already mentioned, the club management differs with the court’s ruling, but this ruling is respected. In this context, an appointment will be scheduled in the short term to see how the employee in question can resume his work.”


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