Barcelona threaten legal action in attempt to force Frenkie de Jong to take pay cut

In their attempts to force Frenkie de Jong to take a pay cut, Barcelona have threatened legal action, claiming criminal acts were committed by all parties when he signed his current contract in 2020.

The Spanish club are in desperate need of money and have been trying to get some via Frenkie de Jong all summer, keen to sell him or have him take a huge pay cut.

The Dutchman hasn’t been willing to play ball though, refusing to leave or renegotiate his salary until they pay him the considerable amount of unpaid wages they owe him.

Now, David Ornstein of The Athletic is reporting that the club have written to him stating they have found evidence that all of the parties who signed his current contract in 2020 committed criminal actions.

Reportedly, they have informed him that the terms offered by the previous board – which outlined that he would take an initial pay cut before receiving compensation from the current season onwards – were illegal and that they’re willing to initiate proceedings to determine who was responsible for the supposed crime.

They have apparently told him to agree to rescind the contract and return to the terms he was in his previous contract, which was considerably less lucrative, to prevent them from taking such action.

Such a move will surely push him closer to wishing to leave the club, and he wouldn’t be short of options if he did, with Manchester United and Chelsea interested.


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