Ajax giving up on Mohamed Ihattaren, keen to send him back to Juventus

Ajax reportedly no longer want Juventus’ Mohamed Ihattaren to play for the club and are keen to end his loan amid his run-in with alleged criminals.

Ihattaren joined the Dutch club on loan at the start of 2022 and there have been some promising signs since then with him often impressing for Jong Ajax.

Heading into this season, there was real hope that he could break into the first team and get his career back on track, but things have fallen apart in recent weeks.

Reports have emerged that he has been intimated and threatened by a group of alleged criminals who have even stolen the car given to him by Ajax, and according to Valentijn Driessen of De Telegraaf, the off-field drama is causing the club to give up and, in his eyes, turn their back on the player.

“Ajax is readying everything for a divorce on December 31 when the loan period – Ihattaren is owned by Juventus – expires,” he wrote.

“The club’s management with the technical managers, Gerry Hamstra and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, and Alfred Schreuder are turning further and further away from their employee.

‘Hamstra and Huntelaar did not bother to contact Ihattaren for a moment last week. No phone call, no app and no visit; the duo showed no interest whatsoever in how their player Ihattaren fared, how he experienced the week and how he was mentally and physically.”


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