“Watching at home with the blinds closed” – what Oranje fans think of the Qatar World Cup

World Cup fever is nowhere to be seen in the Netherlands with just 20% of fans getting excited about the competition in Qatar, EenVandaag reports.

Research compiled by the Dutch current affairs programme surveyed 28,000 fans in the run-up to the tournament but found the Oranje faithful have little interest ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The report found many of the reasons behind the lack of excitement is down to the reputation of the host nation Qatar as well as how it obtained the rights to hold the competition back in 2010.

It does live, but mostly in a negative sense. I keep cursing this tournament, even as it gets closer,” said one interviewee in the survey.

Another football fan said: “With this World Cup, you really get how the football world has been hijacked by big money. Apparently, there’s nothing you can do about it now either. I’d rather watch the Eredivisie.”

Fans continued to feel their uneasiness over the tournament on whether or not they will follow Louis van Gaal’s side with 25% of those surveyed saying they feel World Cup shame.

“Something like the World Cup I don’t just skip, but it feels a bit dirty [to watch it]. I prefer to watch it at home with the blinds closed,” said one viewer.

The Dutch national side will open their group stage match against Senegal on Monday.

GBeNeFN | Tom Phillips

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