Vincent Janssen feels Mexican and Belgian leagues are stronger than Eredivisie

Vincent Janssen says that the Mexican and Belgian first divisions are stronger than the Eredivisie.

Janssen has played in all three leagues having started his career in the Netherlands before later joining Monterrey and then Antwerp this summer.

On the Eleven Insiders podcast, he was asked to rank the three competitions, and gave a somewhat surprising answer, putting the Eredivisie bottom.

“I would put Mexico at one, Belgium at two and the Netherlands at three,” he said.

Asked why, he said that the footballing quality may be higher in the Eredivisie, but as a striker, he finds it more difficult to go up against defenders in the other nations.

“In the Netherlands, I have the idea that the central defender should be able to play football. In Belgium that is not necessary,” he added.

Janssen has made a strong start to life in Belgium and is currently the Pro League top scorer with seven goals to his name.


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