Toby Alderweireld remembers being called ‘so bad’ by coach when he first joined Ajax

Toby Alderweireld says he was told he was “so bad” by a coach when he first joined Ajax.

The Belgian international joined the Dutch club at the age of 15 and went on to enjoy a huge amount of success there, playing over 100 matches and earning himself a move to Atletico Madrid.

Things didn’t start off so well though with his coach telling him he was a bad player when he played his first matches for the youth team, and he says that made him want to leave the club.

“I played a not-so-good first half, after which the coach said to the whole group: ‘Toby, you are so bad,'” he told the Welcome to the AA podcast.

“I was alone in Amsterdam at such a young age. I wanted to go home. I understand young players thinking: ‘I don’t want this life.

“In the end, I could get over it. Maybe that’s also a kind of quality.”


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