Thierry Dailly on John Textor allegations: We can see that John Textor doesn’t know football

The unfolding RWDM power battle shows no signs of slowing down. After John Textor released a letter explaining his decision to fire Thierry Daily and appoint himself as the clubs chairman, Dailly has spoken to LDH to give his side of the story. The man who is held responsible for saving the club was reportedly fired by Textor via videoconference, with the issue apparently not on the agenda for the meeting.

Textor has accused Dailly of misappropriating club funds and creating a toxic working atmosphere. These have both been denied, with Dailly saying ‘I totally deny everything 300% and I am looking into the matter with lawyers, because these are very serious accusations’.

Clearly there were tensions between the two men throughout the season. Dailly had invited Textor to invest in the club previously, and still owns 20% of the club. It is unclear what this means in terms of his removal and Textor positioning himself as the clubs new chairman. Fans have already called for a return of Dailly, otherwise they will protest during the upcoming games. It is a sad situation for the club having just won promotion to the Belgian Pro League a few weeks ago.

Dailly hinted that Textor had tried to be involved throughout the season. During the interview he said ‘When one reads this press release, one realizes that it is about egocentrism, that he wants to pull the cover to him. But the RWDM is not just one person. It’s a whole set and in particular a staff that has received a lot of pressure and threats from John Textor throughout the season’.

It now remains to be seen whether fan pressure will force the American to backtrack, or if he will stick to his guns and stay the course.

GBeNeFN | Ben Jackson

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