The Netherlands’ World Cup kits receive negative response

The Netherlands have released the kits they’ll wear at the World Cup this winter, and they have proved to be somewhat unpopular, with the home shirt in particular receiving a negative response.

In the eyes of many, the Netherlands kits are often the best looking at major tournaments, especially the iconic orange home shirt, but that’s not the case this year.

Fans of the nation and football fans, in general, are far from happy with the home kit, with many saying that it’s not the correct shade or even orange at all.

The multiple shades used on the shirt are supposed to create an image reminiscent of a lion’s fur, but the effort hasn’t gone down well with most.

The blue away shirt, similar to the one the team wore at Euro 2000, has proved to be more popular, but many have accused it of looking cheap or like a training shirt.

The team is all but certain to wear blue at least once in the group stages with Qatar’s home kit being red and Ecuador’s being yellow.


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