Standard Liege wages delayed for the third month in a row

Het Nieuwsblad are reporting that Standard Liege’s players and staff have once again seen their wage payments delayed. This is the third month in a row that this has happened at the club owned by 777. This time, the main reason was a legal dispute with former CEO Alexandre Grosjean, who was dismissed in 2022. He took Standard to the labor court last year for a dispute about his severance pay and was ruled in his favour. Standard appealed against the ruling, but because it did not have a suspensive effect and the payment of the amount due was delayed, Grosjean called in a bailiff last week who had Standard’s accounts blocked.

On and off the pitch, the outlook at one of the countries biggest clubs is incredibly bleak. They have had two transfer embargos this season already, and are currently just three points above the relegation play-offs. Not since the 1920s has there been a top flight season in Belgium that has not involved the club, yet the possibility of this happening almost a century on is getting very real. After their 2-1 defeat to Westerlo at the weekend, the side have now won just once in their past 11 Pro League matches.

GBeNeFN | Ben Jackson

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