PSV confident Xavi Simons will stay at the club for more than a year

He’s able to join PSG from next summer if he wants to and the French club pay €10m to €12m, but PSV are confident Xavi Simons will stay with them for more than one season.

Simons joined PSV from PSG at the start of this campaign, and it has been clarified that there is a clause in his contract, which expires in 2027, that allows PSG to buy him back under certain circumstances.

They can only do so if he actively wants to return to the French club and if they pay somewhere between €10m to €12m, but if those conditions are met, he can leave as soon as next summer.

However, according to Eindhovens Dagblad, the club aren’t worried about such a scenario unfolding and are confident that he’ll be a PSV player next season.

He joined the Dutch side to get more playing time and has gotten his wish thus far, becoming a key player for Ruud van Nistelrooy.

The more he impresses though, the better chance he’ll have of playing at PSG and the more tempting a return will become.


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