PSG clause in Xavi Simons’ contract to expire after a year

The clause in Xavi Simons’ contract that allows him to return to PSG if he wishes and if his former club pays a certain amount will expire in a year, it has been revealed.

Simons joined PSV from PSG in the summer on a free transfer to the surprise of many who had expected the young talent to leave on loan but extend his contract in Paris.

In the past few days though, it has emerged that he could well return to PSG in the future with a clause in his contract allowing him to do so if he wants to, as long as they pay a fee reported to be somewhere between €10m and €12m.

However, that clause won’t last for long with Eindhovens Dagblad reporting that it will expire at the end of the next summer transfer window.

If PSG don’t choose to buy him back in that transfer window, there will no longer be any form of release clause in his contract with PSV, which expires in the summer of 2027.


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