KNVB error means Dutch transfer window will close a day earlier than major European leagues’

The KNVB are trying to extend the Dutch transfer window by a day after accidentally setting it to close a day earlier than those of the major European leagues, angering Eredivisie clubs.

The Dutch governing body have set August 31 as the final day of the transfer window in the Netherlands, while the windows in the other top European leagues will remain open until September 1.

They were not aware of this until contacted by Voetbal International, as they admitted in a statement.

“It is true that we have recently found out that there is a difference in the closing date of the transfer window that we use compared to a number of other unions,” they said.

“We keep the date of 31 August and a number of other unions close a day later, on the night of September 1 to 2 September. We are surprised at this difference in closing date.

“It is also true that we are still in talks with FIFA to see if we can extend our closing date. Because the transfer window is already running, we expect that it will be difficult to achieve this in the short term.”

If they cannot extend the window by a day, Dutch clubs will be able to lose players on September 1 but won’t be able to replace them.

That is a cause for concern for PSV Technical Director Marcel Brands.

“I hope that this can be repaired as soon as possible,” he told VI.

“It was already annoying that countries like Turkey and Russia were open longer than the Netherlands, but you don’t want this to also apply to the top leagues.

“I do find it strange that they are open a day longer. August 31 was always the starting point. In any case, I hope that the KNVB can restore this.”


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