Geert de Vlieger: ‘Leandro Trossrad is better than Eden Hazard’

Former Belgium international Geert de Vlieger has called for Roberto Martinez to drop Eden Hazard, saying that Leandro Trossard is better.

Hazard has played precious little for Real Madrid in recent times, but despite that, is still a first-team player under Martinez for his nation.

De Vlieger doesn’t think he should be, arguing that Brighton’s Trossard, who has started the season well in the Premier League, is currently the better player.

“Trossard is better than this Hazard, his impact on the game is greater,” he said in De Zondag.

“We are still hoping for the best Hazard, those accelerations and those flashy actions, but they are no longer in the current Hazard.”

The former goalkeeper is also concerned that, while Kevin de Bruyne is excellent, he seems a level above the rest of the team.

“He is so dominant that the level seems too low for him,” he said.

“But at the same time it is also disturbing, because without him it is, of course, a different story for the Red Devils.”


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