Fans injured after accident with banner during FC Twente practice match

Several people were injured during the practice match between Stevo and FC Twente on Saturday evening after scaffolding fell on them. FC Twente reports that all injured people were conscious and recovering. The match has been cancelled.

Twente wrote on Twitter/X: “What should have been a festive football afternoon in Geesteren was unfortunately marred by an accident on Saturday. When the players of STEVO and FC Twente arrived, the banner with the scaffolding fell over supporters standing behind one of the goals. We are in close contact with the supporters who organized the atmospheric campaign, with STEVO and the authorities. Together we are looking at how this could have happened. For now, full attention is focused on the supporters who were injured and others directly involved. We wish everyone the best of luck.”

The accident happened on the football field of the Stevo club. A large banner hanging from a crane came down as the players arrived. The banner hung from iron scaffolding, which broke loose from the crane. The emergency services were present in large numbers. Trauma helicopters were also called. A total of ten people were injured as a result of the fall from the scaffolding, the Twente fire brigade reports. No one was is critical danger, yet several people were taken to hospital.

FC Twente general manager Dominique Scholten was shocked by the situation, calling it, “A terrible event. I actually have no words for it.” He told RTV Oost, “I saw everyone running in that direction towards all the people who were there. That’s something good to see. Hopefully that has resulted in less damage to the victims,” ​​says Scholten, who also came to the rescue himself.

GBeNeFN | Max Bradfield

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