‘Cheaters, scammers and a bank forgery’: The Kaminksi Group takeover of Kortrijk that happened, then didn’t happen

Sporza have revealed the story of how the Kaminski Group’s prospective takeover of Kortrijk unraveled. Despite an agreement on a sale from Vincent Tan to the group, no money was ever transferred. Even after a press conference in which the owners were presented to the media and fans, Kortrijk will remain in the hands of Tan despite his desire to sell.

The group presented Tan with a bank guarantee for the transfer of the money, yet sources from within the club told Sporza that they believe that this was in fact a forgery. Those within the club have also labeled the father and son as cheaters and scammers because of how they went about the whole affair.

Kortrijk have been in limbo for months, yet as it became clearer as the days passed that the takeover was not going to happen, they finally appointed a new head coach in Ed Still, formerly of Charleroi and Eupen.

There is belief within the club that the Kaminski’s idea was to agree a sale and then try and raise the funds from other wealthy investors in an attempt to make more money. Eyebrows were raised when the Americans agreed to a price that was above what Tan even wanted for the club, without any negotiations. They did the same with Greek side Panetolikos, who when approached by Sporza said ‘We don’t want to talk about it. Not just with you, but with nobody’.

Everton were once subject of interest for the Kaminski’s who wanted to take over the Merseyside club. Clearly, the experiences of both Kortrijk and Panetolikos shows that the Toffees dodged a bullet.

GBeNeFN | Ben Jackson

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