Antwerp and Feyenoord receive FFP warning from UEFA, Anderlecht fined

Antwerp and Feyenoord have been warned by UEFA and Anderlecht have been fined for matters relating to Financial Fair Play.

UEFA today released a statement detailing their monitoring of how clubs that took part in European competitions last season adhered to the FFP rules.

Eight clubs were found to have failed to meet the financial requirements, with all eight being ones that play in France, Italy or Turkey.

The above clubs have been given significant fines, and Anderlecht have been given a significantly smaller one for minor breaches to the break-even requirements. Due to such breaches, they will pay UEFA a fine of €100,000.

No other clubs from Belgium or the Netherlands were to found to have broken any rules, but Antwerp and Feyenoord were warned as they were only able to break even because of emergency COVID-19 measures.

The governing body stated that such measures are no longer in place and that the clubs will be monitored closely going forward.


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